This is an improvised piece that emerged when I quietened myself and sink in deep into my heart. I have always resonated with Middle Eastern tonalities and harmonies. In the silence of my room and heart, I heard a Middle Eastern melody and allowed it to play me. Like an audience, I stood back and listened to this melody that came out from my soprano saxophone. It was a sound and voice that was familiar to me. This is strange as I am a Chinese born and bred in Singapore.

In Arabic, “Dimn” means within. To me “Dimn” represents the tiny space within our hearts. This is a rarely visited place where we can find the purest and most beautiful Sound.

Here is “Dimn”

I hope this piece will reach musicians that can connect with it and find beauty. One day I hope oud parts can be added to create a more colourful sonic landscape. I welcome any musicians who resonate with this piece and like to add in their musicial voice to “Dimn”.

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