Music is my calling, a passion that has become an obsession. I hear music in my ears when my itunes is playing. I hear music in the forest, standing in front of a lake, looking at the sky. Nature sings its most beautiful melodies to me when I allow myself to listen. I hear music in the most sacred space of my heart.

I compose, perform and teach. After encountering music in a deeply spiritual and healing way in 2015, I went to research deeper on how music can heal us holistically. This culminated in me going to Stuttgart in 2016 to study anthroposophy and Waldorf education. I graduated from the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart with a Master of Arts specialising in music education and my thesis was on how music can heal us at the body, soul and spirit level.

I have been playing the saxophone professionally since 2000. As a music educator, I have been teaching in various private music schools in Singapore before relocating to London. Now I am teaching music at a Steiner school from class 3 to 12, leading the middle school choir as well as the various class ensembles.

I have attained certification with Honours in Jazz Saxophone with Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I was also awarded the Media Development Authority Book Prize from Singapore in 2005 for a soundtrack that included my original music compositions. My compositions can be heard in the “Sounds” page.

As a certified and experienced teacher, I unite my passion for music with an understanding of different learning styles and techniques to bring out the best in students and enable them to experience the rejuvenating joy of music. My approach to music education is to enable the student to play music like an artist painting on a canvas, using sound and time as tools to create a living musical form.

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